Head full of herbs

We, Sarah and Chiara, have lived, studied and worked in Bonn for five years. Through longer stays abroad in Paris, France and Siena, Italy, we got to know the culinary diversity of nutrition and eating cultures. The collected inspirations were the trigger for us to delve deeper into the topic of nutrition, eating, drinking and cooking. We asked ourselves the questions: "What does our body need in order to receive the best possible care?" and "How can nutrition be made healthy and at the same time be fun? These and other questions led us to try out, change and recombine recipes. In the course of time some recipes have accumulated and we discovered our joy in collecting and developing new recipes. Eventually this led to our project "Head full of Herbs". The focus of our kitchen is above all, fresh, unprocessed, wholesome, varied food, plants, vegetables and herbs. This is not only the best we can do for ourselves, but also the best for our planet and all future generations. Our incentive is to lead consciousness back to traditional, natural food and to turn every meal into a little celebration of its own, where we want to pamper our body, mind and general well-being. By living in a shared flat surrounded by friends and loving people, we feel how cooking stimulates the senses, creates atmosphere, can enrich people and brings them together. We see our recipes as a collection of inspirations and instructions to make healthy food exciting and thrilling. We want to show how enjoyable, varied, modern and easy to implement a healthy way of cooking can be.