Coquitos - mini Coconuts from Peru - unshelled | 250 g

Coquitos are like small coconuts, which are very fleshy but without the juice. They are the new food trend you need to try

  • A pure taste experience with the first bite
  • Without shell, perfect for direct snacking
  • An eye catcher for every bowl
  • Discreet coconut taste
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Content: 0.25 kg | £96.00 per kg

incl. VAT plus shipping

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Everything at a glance

Coquitos are mini-coconuts and grow on Chilean wine palms. They belong to the jubaea family and are originating in Chile and other parts of South America. The palm itself is mainly popular because of its sweet juice, which is used for producing palm sugar and palm honey.Once the coquito is opened, it contains a white pulp inside. From its consistence, taste and aroma, the coquito is almost like a traditional coconut.KoRo Coquitos are free of any additives or preservatives. They are cracked and without any shell.

When using coquitos in the kitchen, there are no limits to your imagination! They are the perfect eye catcher for your smoothie bowl but you can also just snack on them in their pure form. 

Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 2067 / 494 
Fat 48,0 g
    of which Saturates 40,1 g
Carbohydrate 6,4 g
    of which Sugars 4,6 g
Fibre 31,8 g
Protein 9,0 g
Salt 0,022 g

Order number COQUITO_001
Origin Chile
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260335832165
Data sheet Residue Analysis
Traces Nutrition traces"
Shipment Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storing Store the product cool and dry
Ingredients 100% coquitos
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Questions about questions

How do coquitos grow?

Coquitos are part of the honey palm. The fruits are only ripe after 60 years, so they are very rare to get. A three till five cm big stone fruit is growing until the ripe fruit seem yellowish. If you have a look inside the fruit the coquitos seem like small coconuts.

What do I use the small coconuts for?

Normally you would have to crack the hard shell of the nut. But we did all the work for you, hence you can easily just throw the coquitos on to your muesli and make your dish look beautiful tasty or you just snack on them the way they are.

What's the main difference to the normal coconut?

For sure the seize and quality. Furthermore the coquito has no liquid inside of it, like the normal coconut does.Everything is edible, as long as they are cracked.

15 Jul 2019


the package says 110 calories but the website says 494 calories. what is the truth?

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the package says 110 calories but the website says 494 calories. what is the truth ?

Admin 16 Jul 2019

Dear Customer, 

thank you for your advice. We will check and correct the information. Your KoRo team. 

26 Jan 2019


Very tasty, great quality

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Sehr lecker, tolle Qualität

21 Dec 2018


I didn't know Coquitos, but I love coconuts. The little relatives are delicious and both as snack super and cut up perfectly suitable for bowls

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Ich kannte Coquitos nicht, liebe aber Kokosnüsse. Die kleinen Verwandten sind lecker und sowohl als Snack super als auch zerteilt perfekt für Bowls geeignet

8 May 2018


Curious about Instagram.
Not tested yet. Exceptional and not yet available on the market.
Price performance thus at the moment rather high.

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Trusted-Shop customer review

Neugierig durch Instagram geworden.
Noch nicht getestet. Außergewöhnlich und noch nicht im normalen Handel verfügbar.
Preis Leistung somit im Moment eher hoch.

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