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Coconut water 1 litre


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  • 100% coconut water
  • Low calorie
  • Shake before serving
  • Perfect in your summer cocktails and smoothies
  • Vegan
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BBD: 03.09.2023

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KoRo has the coconuts! We have spared no expense in developing our delicious and super fresh coconut water. With its lightly sweet flavour and the perfect lightly sour note, our coconut juice brings you to tropical white sand beaches filled with coconut palm trees. A refreshing, aromatic holiday feeling inside your own home! 

Coconut water – what is it?

Coconut water, occasionally known as coconut juice, is the liquid collected from young, unripe coconuts. The flavour has a light coconut milk note, paired with a fresh and sour final touch, not very different from a piña colada. Our coconut water is also 100 % organic. The best way to enjoy it is pure, directly out of the refrigerator on a warm Summer day. Coconut water refreshes both body and soul. It is also a beloved ingredient for lending curries and rice dishes an exotic kick. You can also try to freeze it and make ice-cream! Have a look in our Food Journal for countless ideas and inspiration.

The difference between coconut water and coconut milk

Coconut juice os obtained from young coconuts, harvested before they ripen. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is made from ripe, brown coconuts. While coconut milk is a little bomb of fat, coconut water naturally contains no fat and is low in calories. Are you a real coconut fan and can't get enough of the white wonder fruit? Try our coconut butter, coconut flour or our coconut blossom sugar. They can be used for countless recipes and baking creations, to turn your coconut dreams into reality. And our coconut and chocolate bars are a great companion for you wherever you may be. All our coconut products are excellent companions in summer recipes and could be the real highlight at your summer parties. 

Buy coconut water online

Imported directly from Sri Lanka, KoRo's organic coconut water is bottled in Germany according to our unique recipe. You can easily order KoRo's coconut water online and get it delivered directly to your home. Buy our organic coconut water in the convenient 1l now and bring the holiday feeling into your own four walls! Our favourite summer idea: Mix the coconut water with some of our freeze-dried mango powder to get a refreshing summer drink!

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Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 79 / 19
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 3.7 g
thereof sugar 2.6 g
Dietary fiber 1.1 g
Protein 0.7 g
Salt 0.26 g
Product number: KOKOS_008
Origin Sri Lanka
Origin (Processing) Germany
Organic Origin non-EU agriculture
Content 1 L
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335835548
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat
Ingredients 100% coconut water* *from organic farming
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Best before date 03.09.2023
Trade Name Organic coconut water
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Questions & answers: Coconut water 1 litre
Please discuss this with your pediatrician.
Our coconut water is obtained from young coconuts, which are harvested before the actual ripening. The coconut juice contained therein is the secret of our delicious coconut water. In contrast, KoRo's coconut pure e is made from ripe, brown coconuts. After harvesting, the flesh of the coconuts is finely ground until finally the spreadable coconut cream is created, which you can literally let melt in your mouth in combination with various dishes.
Health is based on a balanced lifestyle of diet and exercise. Our coconut water is low in calories and offers a good alternative for sweetened drinks.
No, because coconut water in raw food quality is not pasteurized and would therefore only keep for about two to seven days. We want to offer you a tasty and safe product for a much longer time.
Yes, our coconut water is of course vegan.
Our coconut water is produced in Germany. The coconuts we process come from Sri Lanka.
Please discuss this with your veterinarian. Did you know that you can also order dog food from us?
Our coconut water consists of 100% coconut juice and thus exclusively of gluten-free ingredients. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of cross-contamination with gluten during production. For this reason, we advise people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease not to consume our coconut water.
Weight loss goals are achieved primarily through a calorie deficit. Our coconut water scores with a low amount of calories. This makes it a good substitute for sweetened drinks.
As long as you take coconut water in normal amounts during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we do not see any problem. However, before taking it, as well as in case of uncertainty, you should definitely seek the advice of your doctor.
If you store our coconut water correctly, it can be stored unopened for at least 15 months. The best-before date on your package will give you more information about the shelf life. After opening the coconut water, it should be drunk within two days - but do not worry, as delicious as it tastes, this is no problem!
Clearly, we deliver what we promise. The delicious coconuts we use to process our coconut water come from organic farming in Sri Lanka.
Our coconut water has 19 g calories per 100 g and is therefore considered low in calories. You can find more information about the average nutritional values per 100 g in tabular form or as a PDF file (under "Specification") directly on the product page and on the product packaging.
To keep our coconut water fresh, you should store it in a dry, dark and cool place. Alternatively, you can also freeze our coconut water and thereby conjure up delicious ice cream. Just order a few freeze-dried strawberry slices or raspberries, mix, freeze and the cold refreshment bomb is ready.
An anti-aging effect through coconut water is not known to us so far.
Our coconut water convinces with its unique recipe. The development of our coconut water was very complex, because a coconut water is ideally mixed when it is still refreshing with a pleasant sweetness. In the course of the production process, we tested over 25 different coconut waters and made several correction loops in the mixing ratio until we found the mixing ratio that satisfied us.
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131 Reviews

Stephanie t.  | 01.07.2022

Delicious p

I found the taste of coconut water directly drunk from the fruit through a straw 😋

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Armando B.  | 07.06.2022


Excellent product , outstanding quality price

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Dafne M.  | 07.06.2022

Very good

Remineralizing and restorative great now that it's hot to Moisturize

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Bénédicte F.  | 19.05.2022


Nothing to say except that I would have liked a cubi

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Anonymous  | 24.02.2022

Perfekte Qualität zu fairem Preis!

Perfekte Qualität zu fairem Preis!

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Anonymous  | 20.02.2022

Tastes almost like from the coconut, best

Tastes almost like from coconut, best bottled coconut water ❤️

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Anonymous  | 19.02.2022

Schnelle Lieferung, wohlschmeckendes Bio-Kokoswasser.

Hallo, nachdem ich mich im KoRo Onlineshop angemeldet habe, fand ich auch schnell das Produkt meiner Wahl - Bio Kokosnusswasser. Die Beschreibung klang vielversprechend. Am 05.02.2022 bestellte ich das Bio-Kokosnusswasser. Kleines Minus - es kommen noch Versandkosten von €4,90 dazu. Da ich sehr viel online einkaufe, bin ich "Versandkostenfreien" Einkauf gewohnt. Zwei Tage später erhielt ich Nachricht, meine Ware sei versandt. Dann am 12.02.2022 kam die Lieferung an, genau zum angegebenen Termin. Natürlich habe ich mir sofort ein Glas von diesem Bio Kokoswasser genehmigt und ich muss sagen, der Geschmack ist (für mich) fenomenal. Kokoswasser aus einer frischen Kokosnuss schmeckt nicht immer so gut. Ich habe bereits 8 Packungen getrunken und der Geschmack war stets gleichbleibend. Ein tolles Produkt. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Werde demnächst meine 2. Bestellung von 12x1Ltr. Kokoswasser starten. Ich habe auch nichts gegen eine Preissenkung :) Sonnige Grüße Anne

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Anonymous  | 08.02.2022

I have not yet opened 🙈 therefore

I have not yet opened 🙈 therefore I can not yet say anything about it.

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Anonymous  | 05.02.2022

The coconut water is very refreshing and it

The coconut water is very refreshing and it is direct juice and not some concentrate. It is the best I have tried so far and I have tried a few.

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Anonymous  | 31.01.2022

top qualität

sau lecker

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