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Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g
Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g
Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g
Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g
Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g
Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g

Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g

£46.00 per kg

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  • Whole cinnamon sticks
  • Mild, pleasantly sweet aroma
  • High quality Ceylon cinnamon
  • Perfect for desserts or home-made tea
  • No artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives

Variety: Ceylon

Cassia cinnamon sticks  1 kg


Ceylon cinnamon sticks  500 g


Quality: Sticks

Organic Ceylon cinnamon 500 g

Organic, ground

per kg
Ceylon cinnamon sticks  500 g


per kg
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Everything at a glance Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g

Do you like cinnamon? They you will love our Ceylon cinnamon! One thing is certain: not all cinnamon is the same. That's why we opted for the Ceylon cinnamon sticks, as you already know, we only select the absolute best products for you. What are you waiting for? Try our Ceylon cinnamon now and refine both sweet and savoury dishes with our all-rounder. Recipes with cinnamon The beautiful cinnamon sticks are particularly popular around Christmas time, when they are used for a wide range of recipes. Their flavour can't be missing when baking gingerbread, cinnamon cakes and rolls. But there are also lesser common ways to use it. We love to make it into an irresistible drink for cold winter mornings by mixing it with honey or agave syrup and hot water. A delicious home-made tea is the result. You can also use Ceylon cinnamon in hearty dishes, get creative! In Northern Africa and Asia, cinnamon is used as a spice on meats. It is also a component of these areas most used spice mixes, such as
Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 1137 / 272
Fat 3,2 g
   of which Saturates 0,9 g
Carbohydrate 56 g
   of which Sugars 55 g
Fibre 24 g
Protein 3,9 g
Salt 0,07 g

Order number ZIMT_002
Origin Sri Lanka
Content 0.5 kg
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654783117
Data sheet Due to technical reasons, data could differ. In case you have specific questions, you can contact our customer support team. Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Store at room temperature
Ingredients 100 % Ceylon cinnamon
Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of contamination from a product to another. This can occur when residues of other food are present in the production plant, for example. This notice is mainly directed at allergy sufferers. According to consumer associations, foods that are unintentionally cross-contaminated with animal products are still considered vegan. No allergenes according to EU-VO 1169/2011 guidelines.
Sales name Ceylon cinnamon sticks
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Varieties and origins

Cinnamon is a very old spice that originally came from Asia. Cinnamon trees are grown on plantations and harvested immediately after the rainy season, as the bark is then fresh and moist and can be easily peeled off. The quality of the cinnamon is based on the texture and color of its quills.

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Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g - a look behind the scenes


Cultivated in Sri Lanka

We source our cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka, a country known under the name Ceylon until 1972. The earlier designation of origin gave the noble cinnamon variety its name.


The "true" cinnamon plant

Ceylon cinnamon comes from an evergreen tree that can grow to be six to ten metres tall. If you rub its leathery, oval leaves, they smell like cloves, while its inconspicuous flowers have white-green tones.

Once the cinnamon tree has grown, its outermost bark is peeled off and fermented in the shade, a process that gives it its unique aroma. Then the bark is...

Tree bark

Once the cinnamon tree has grown, its outermost bark is peeled off and fermented in the shade, a process that gives it its unique aroma. Then the bark is dried in the sun and voilà!, Cinnamon sticks are ready. Ceylon cinnamon differs from Chinese cinnamon, also known as cassia, in that its bark is made up of fine layers that roll up from both sides, resembling a cigar.


A super old spice

There is evidence that cinnamon was grown in Ceylon as early as the 1st century, when it was sometimes used as a medicine, and we know that both the Greeks and the Romans knew Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon well. Unfortunately, culinary and medicinal knowledge of spices was largely lost until the Middle Ages, only accessible to a fraction of the population because spices were so exorbitantly priced. It was not until the 15th century that cinnamon came to Central Europe through Portuguese and later Dutch traders. The story of cinnamon, which comes from Ceylon, is shaped by Medieval reigns of terror, monopolies, colonial powers, and conflicts of interest.


Last steps!

Once the long drying process has come to its end, cinnamon sticks are packed up and shipped to our warehouse, where they wait for you to order them and to be then delivered to your home.

Questions about questions Ceylon cinnamon sticks 500 g

Search in our FAQ section::

Why are these Ceylon cinnamon sticks special?

The coumarin content of Ceylon cinnamon is under 50 mg per kilo, which is a lot lower than the one of the Chinese cinnamon called Cassia. Therefore is Ceylon cinnamon a great resource for cinnamon lovers for whom is hard to use this wonderful spice in moderation. Moreover, the bark of Ceylon cinnamon is not as thick as Cassia's: this means that Ceylon cinnamon is more aromatic. You can try soaking it in hot water with honey to make a delicious tea, or prepare a fancy-tasting punch.

Where do these Ceylon cinnamon sticks come from?

We purchase our cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka, where this type of cinnamon originates from: Ceylon is actually nothing but the old name Sri Lankas.

What is the difference between Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon?

The scientific name of Ceylon cinnamon is Cinnamomum verum, which means true cinnamon; its taste is more refined and aromatic than the stronger Cassia. For a regular consumption, Ceylon cinnamon is better, as its coumarin content is much lower, making it therefore easier for you to stay under the recommended daily intake.

How many calories have these Ceylon cinnamon sticks?

According to their nutritional table, 100 g of Ceylon cinnamon sticks have about 272 calories.

Are Ceylon cinnamon sticks vegan?

Yes, cinnamon is naturally vegan.

How much of this Ceylon cinnamon is an appropriate and reccomended dosage?

The maximum coumarin dosage is 0,1 mg per kg of body weight per day; an excessive coumarin intake can lead, especially in particularly sensitive individuals, to liver damage. Our Ceylon cinnamon sticks have 50 mg/kg.

Do these Ceylon cinnamon sticks have gluten?

No, Ceylon cinnamon is gluten-free.

Can babies eat Ceylon cinnamon?

As their body weights very little, you should be very careful to not exceed the daily coumarin dosage, if you want to give your baby some Ceylon cinnamon.

Is Ceylon cinnamon poisonous for dogs?

Cinnamon should not be eaten by your dog, as it can be dangerous for its health. We recommend you keep our Ceylon cinnamon sticks out of your dog's reach.

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18 May 2021
verified purchase

Smell fantastic as soon as you open the package.

Smell fantastic as soon as you open the package. Toller would have been the resealable packaging, but we still use it enthusiastically.

13 May 2021
verified purchase

Here you can only say price-performance ratio is right

Here you can only say price-performance ratio is simply right and taste the red cabbage or rice pudding with the cinnamon very good.

24 Mar 2021
verified purchase

Finally, a way to get a bulk pack of cinnamon sticks

Finally a way to buy a bulk pack of cinnamon sticks. All sticks intact and the scent is super cinnamony 😄

18 Mar 2021
verified purchase

That's how cinnamon...

Just the smell when you open the bag.... I melt. Did not know that cinnamon can smell so. Not to compare with cinnamon sticks from the supermarket. At least I haven't found anything comparable yet. Looking forward to my favorite recipe where I can use the cinnamon sticks :)

27 Jan 2021
verified purchase

Nice even poles. No broken ones underneath. Super!

Nice even poles. No broken ones underneath. Super!

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