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Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml
Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml

Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml


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  • Breakage- and leak-resistant
  • Without plastic
  • With silicone protection
  • For hot and cold drinks
  • Perfect for on the go

Everything at a glance Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone...

Your new favourite companion will follow you everywhere! You are looking for a bottle for on the go, but at the same time you want to avoid plastic? KoRo has developed this glass bottle which will be your faithful companion. Our glass bottle is made without any plastic and BPA. It is rather equipped with a secure screw cup and an insulating protective silicone sleeve. Silicone lasts longer than plastic, is non-toxic and thus an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.  Unbreakable borosilicate glass  The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, which is a hard and innovative material. Borosilicate glass is not only unbreakable, but also resistant to temperature and chemicals. In other words: this bottle is difficult to destroy and doesn’t become smelly as fast as your old drinking bottle only because you forgot about your juice for a day. Your favourite drinks to go You can fill water, juices or hot drinks into this bottle. The silicone sleeve protects your hands from
Order number FLASCHE_001
Origin China
Content 1 pieces
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260654781205
Shipping Lieferzeit außerhalb Deutschlands
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Sales name Trinkflasche Glas
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Questions about questions Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone...

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Why is this bottle made of borosilicate glass so special?

Borosilicate glass is used in chemical labs because of its resistance to heat and cold, and its general robustness. Moreover, this special tempered glass absorbs odours less compared to conventional glass, thus being the perfect material for drinking bottles. By the way, borosilicate glass is fully recyclable.

Can you take glass bottles in hand luggage?

Basically, there is no EU regulation prohibiting to take glass bottles in hand luggage. However, it is up to the airport personal to judge whether a glass bottle can be used as a weapon or not. But according to our experience hardly any problems occur since also spirits in glass bottles from the duty free shop are allowed on a plane.

Can I put the glass bottle in the freezer?

You want to put your favourite drink in the freezer to enjoy it ice-cold while sunbathing in the park? No problem at all, you can easily put the KoRo glass bottle in the freezer without any cracking-concern.

How do you clean the glass bottle?

The bottle is made of heatresistant glass. You can just put it in the dish washer or wash it by hand. You can also boil the bottle in order to sterilise it. No worries, the bottle won’t crack because of the heat. If the water is hard we recommend to decalcify the bottle if necessary. Therefore citric acid and/or vinegar essence are well suited, do not use chemicals to clean your bottle.

Is this glass bottle dishwasher-safe?

Yes, the glass bottle itself as well as its silicone protection are suitable for the dishwasher.

Is the glass bottle microwave-proof?

In exceptional cases, you can put your glass bottle also in the microwave, but make absolutely sure to remove the protection sleeve before.

Can I put hot beverages in the glass bottle?

Yes, you can put hot beverages such as coffee or tea in your glass bottle without any breakage-concern.

Is the glass bottle suitable for children?

Assuming that bottles made from hard plastics or aluminium are just as hard as glass bottles, our glass bottle does not present a higher risk for children’s teeth. We recommend to teach your kids to place the lip between teeth and bottleneck and stand somewhere where you cannot be easily pushed or stumble while drinking. The silicone protection avoids that the bottle slips off your hands. Moreover the break-resistant glass represents a very low risk of injury from broken glass, in case it accidentally falls down.

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All the reviews "Caro x KoRo glass bottle with silicone protection 750 ml"

18 Aug 2021

Great bottle!

I like the bottle very much and use it them for my bike ride to the lake and for work. The bottle has a good size, keeps tight and when I ice cubes in the bottle geb, my drink stays cool for a long time. If you then still Caroline is called you must have the bottle simply.

16 Apr 2021
verified purchase

This bottle is a hit. She is

The bottle is a hit. It is now my daily companion. I take the bottle with me to work, in addition, it is always handy next to my yoga mat, so that I am always reminded to drink (I drink rather too little) . It is easy to clean, does not leak and has no unpleasant smell. Due to the silicone protection it is nice to grip and does not fall over so easily. A visit to the skate park she has also already survived 🙂

11 Apr 2021
verified purchase

Very nice bottle, super processed and the

Very nice bottle, super processed and the lid also holds tight!

27 Feb 2021
verified purchase

I like the bottle very much, is

I like the bottle very much, is my daily companion!
Must also mention the customer service positive! Top!

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Please note: we have changed supplier, and, for technical reasons, the glass is currently delivered with a plastic lid. Find more info in the product description.
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