Cappuccino protein balls 1 kg


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  • High-protein with 22 g / 100 g
  • No added sugar — Sweetened with maltitol and xylitol*
  • Coated in sweet soft chocolate
  • Great crunchy topping for your muesli
  • To share, as a gift or to snack on yourself
Quantity: Cappuccino protein balls 1 kg
Variety: Cappuccino protein balls 1 kg

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Are you a true coffee lover? Do you start the day with an espresso, followed by a latte macchiato in the morning and at least one cappuccino at four o'clock? Then in the evening, when your coffee cravings have not yet been satisfied and you fire up the coffee machine, you always know: it's going to be a sleepless night! A good night's sleep is sacred to us, but we don't like to give up our cappuccino in the evening. And we don't have to, because we snack on our cappuccino protein balls without added sugar after dinner! So we don't have a sugar or caffeine high and enjoy a very restful night in addition to a tempting snack. Order your portion of cappuccino flavoured protein balls now!

Protein snack with no added sugar

You know that feeling when you have a favourite snack and you could snack on it all day, but deep down you know that the refined sugar isn't actually that good for you? We wanted a new snack that we could enjoy in the afternoon with our coffee, but without added refined sugar, so we could avoid the classic "sugar rush". We sat together for a long time, drinking one cup of cappuccino after another and thinking until our heads were spinning. But then, a flash of inspiration: cappuccino protein balls without added sugar. It's a long name, but it describes our new favourite snack best. A protein-rich, chocolaty snack with a fine cappuccino flavour and extra crunch. The first bite: you hear the crunch, the chocolate melts on your tongue and you feel a pleasant sweetness - and then it sneaks up on you, the coffee note. BOOM! Taste explosion! Oh yes, we at KoRo know how great palate cinema works.

Great snack for any time of the day: Cappuccino protein balls

You want a protein-rich snack? Then you've come to the right place! From chocolate protein crunchies over protein crunchies with strawberry and white chocolate all the way to brownie flavoured protein balls, we have everything that athletes hearts could possibly desire. The same is true about this new chocolaty protein treat: the pea flakes makes these delicious cappuccino flavoured balls incredibly crispy and rich in protein. They deliver 22 g of protein per 100 g of product. But you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy them: our protein balls are a great companion for your next movie night! But be warned: the little treats are delicious, it is hard to eat only one of them at a time, and it will be hard to hear the movie with all the crunchiness going on!

Buy KoRo's cappuccino protein balls

Why our cappuccino protein balls will be your new favourite snack? We offer the best possible snacking experience: crunchy inside with protein-rich pea flakes, covered in delicious chocolate. Our protein balls combine everything that your snacking heart desires. And do you want to know a little secret? We sometimes put one of the treats in our morning muesli or porridge. Is your mouth watering too? Get your protein balls now and sweeten your days!

*The Cappuccino Protein Balls are sweetened with xylitol and maltitol. Maltitol can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1834 / 437
Fat 25 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 15 g
Carbohydrates 47 g
thereof sugar 5.3 g
Dietary fiber 1.7 g
Protein 22 g
Salt 1.2 g
Product number: PROTEIN_020
Origin Germany
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654780925
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, away from light.
Ingredients 69 % WHOLE MILK CHOCOLATE (sweetener: maltitol; cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN; natural vanilla flavour), 30 % crispy balls (pea protein isolate, rice flour, sweetener: xylitol), cappuccino flavour, coating agent: shellac. Cocoa: 35 % min
Cross contamination May contain traces of PEANUTS and NUTS
Best before date 29.09.2022
Trade Name Milk chocolate crispy balls with cappuccino flavour. With sweeteners
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Questions & answers: Cappuccino protein balls 1 kg
Sure, if you have all the ingredients at home, you can make your very own protein balls and energy balls. How about Peanut Butter Protein B alls or Carrot Cake Bliss Balls? Check out our food journal, where we even show you how to naturally dye your energy balls blue.
We don't want to consume refined sugar every day - that's why we've chosen not to use conventional sugar in our protein snack and instead opted for maltitol and xylitol (as a sugar substitute). This is a sugar substitute that occurs in many foods and is produced by hydrogenation of maltose.
No, our Cappuccino Protein Balls are not vegan because they contain whole milk powder. But they are a delicious vegetarian snack.
Sure, our Cappuccino Protein Balls come without added sugar and are still heavenly sweet. How do we do that? We sweeten our protein-rich snack with maltitol and xylitol.
Good question! We have tried many, different vegetable proteins for our protein balls with bite. We liked the pea protein best in terms of content and taste. This vegetable protein base provides our Cappuccino Protein Balls with a whopping 22 g of protein per 100 g.
Like maltitol, xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that can be obtained from either birch wood or corn. Xylitol contains 40% fewer calories than refined sugar.
With our Cappuccino Protein Balls you get the full taste of chocolate and coffee to your home. Thanks to the pea protein, the Cappuccino Protein Balls are nice and crispy on the inside and velvety soft on the outside thanks to the chocolate coating - simply delicious! Our tip: They are the ideal snack for a cappuccino in the afternoon.
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53 Reviews

Anonymous  | 14.01.2022

Achtung Suchtgefahr 😄

Die Cappuccino Protein Balls sind wirklich lecker. Der Cappuccinoduft kommt einem beim Öffnen der Packung bereits entgegen. Die Kombination aus der Schokolade und dem knusprigen Kern schmeckt einfach super!

1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 08.01.2022

Ordered for the first time and I must

Ordered for the first time and I must say they are really tasty. They are also very crunchy. I would order them again.

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Anonymous  | 08.12.2021

Simply a pure taste experience

If you like snacking you can't go past these cappuccino protein balls

1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 06.12.2021

perfect in cereal... my kids love it!

perfect in cereal... my kids love it! So the start of the day without sugar bomb succeeds ;-)

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Anonymous  | 05.12.2021

Super for a coffee snack

The balls taste great. The chocolate is paper-thin and has super quality.

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Anonymous  | 26.11.2021

Delicious Good bag

Delicious Good bag

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 14.11.2021



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 05.11.2021

Ordered for the first time and very satisfied.

Ordered for the first time and very satisfied. Perfect as a topping or small snack

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 31.10.2021



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 22.10.2021

Sehr lecker!

Leckere und knusprige Protein Balls ohne raffinierten Zucker. Ein echtes Highlight morgens im Müsli oder Nachmittags ein paar Kugeln zum Kaffee. Zumindest bei mir bleibt die Lust auf weitere Süßigkeiten aus :-)

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