We want to be KoRo the No. 1 long-term food seller on the European market - directly from the producer to the consumer.



Our story begins with one person, Professor Faltin, and his book "Kopf schlägt Kapital", translated into English "Brain versus Capital”. The professor did not just inspire us, we truly see him as the founding father of our company. His ideas and concepts on business creation have been instrumental in the foundation of KoRo. We met him for the first time a short time ago and asked him a few questions in an interview.

KoRo Online Drugstore holds 5 basic principles that form the basis of our work.

1) High Quality


Quality is our top priority. We want our customers to be satisfied and therefore pay attention to taste, appearance, ingredients, organic farming and more. For example, our dried fruits are unsulfured and can still guarantee a shelf life of up to twelve months - nature makes it possible. We mostly avoid additives and refined sugars and consider alternatives (if necessary).

2) Short supply chains


Our goal is to buy all products directly from farmers. We start with a product at wholesale to test the frequency and relevance on the market. If we find that the product is in great demand, we'll try to shorten the trade route of the product.

As a result, we learn much more about the product. In addition, we document its manufacturing processes in our shop and make them accessible to the consumer. Working directly with farmers, also enables us to develop and improve products more effectively.

3) Large Format packaging

For us, it makes no sense to sell products in small format via the internet. When it comes to products that the consumer needs to have regularly available in his kitchen, it makes more sense for him to provide in large quantities.


The flexibility of our packaging also benefits farmers because they can work with the means they have available and do not have to produce small packaging, which is more expensive.


What counts for us is first and foremost the product itself, not an eye-catching packaging: it is also what ultimately interests the consumer. In addition, large packages have the advantage of creating less waste and reducing the workload during filling. They are perfectly suited to online sales since this implies a delivery directly to the customer, who does not have to carry the packages.

4) Fair Prices


The KoRo-concept can only work if we can pass on the cost savings achieved through the previous principle to the final price paid by the customer. Quality must be affordable.


We know that today, it is very easy to compare products from different companies. That's why our goal at KoRo is to offer our products at a fair price-quality ratio. Every consumer should be able to count on us to determine the right price so that they do not have to look for it themselves between several suppliers, and can trust the KoRo brand directly.


5) Transparency and Open Communication

The demand for good quality food products is continuously growing. For this reason KoRo has set itself the goal of communicating openly about each product: its price and its development, its composition and its properties are all information that allow the consumer to get an idea much more precise of the product he wants to know more about.


It is not easy to understand the reasons for price fluctuations. To make this clearer, KoRo presents on the page of each product a graph which informs with a simple passage of the mouse on a point of the reason of the corresponding variation. In addition, we publish on this same page the analysis of the product residues, so as to make visible on the one hand our compliance with European standards and on the other hand to show that our product is marketable.

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