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Beeswax wraps | 3 pieces


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  • Beeswax instead of plastic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Very durable
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You care about the environment? Then beeswax cloths are an ideal alternative to clingfilm for you. The wax paper is great for wrapping snacks, vegetables, fruit and similar, but also for keeping bread or cake fresh. Our three different sizes help you to always pack your food optimally, as the beeswax cloth wraps them all up and protects them. They are the ideal plastic-free alternative to industrial one-use wrapping materials, and consist of 100% natural beeswax. Very environmentally friendly, they are also biodegradable, compostable, and reusable. With good use and care, they can last for up to one year! The set of 3 beeswax cloths, in sizes S (18cm x 20cm), M (25 x 28cm) and L (33cm x 35cm), helps you to pack your food optimally, as these cloths perfectly wrap and protect it. The cleaning is also surprisingly easy: simply rinse the beeswax cloths with cold water and hang them up; once dry, they can be immediately used again. Careful not to use them to wrap hot food or wash them
Product number: TUCH_001
Origin China
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Manufacturer KoRo
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Questions & answers: Beeswax wraps | 3 pieces
Beeswax wipes are a good alternative to cling film and are therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable.
You can dispose of your oilcloth in the organic waste, but you can also compost it or use it as a lighting aid for your grill.
Depending on use and care, a beeswax cloth can be used for up to a year.
Cleaning is simple. Wash the cloth under cold water and hang it to dry. After that, it is immediately reusable.
A bee growth can be stored for many years as long as it has not been in use. When a few years pass, a white coating may form on the cloth, but it will disappear via body heat.
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33 Reviews

Kim J.  | 01.07.2022

So versatile and sustainable

Perfect for pots, plates, small bowls and the smallest I use for onions. Great invention, nothing dries up and is sustainable. 5 stars

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Elisa B.  | 09.06.2022


I finally convinced myself to buy them and I must say that they are very valid these from Koro!

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Roberta C.  | 19.04.2022

Practical and pro-environment solution

Functional and versatile. Excellent green choice

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Anonymous  | 16.11.2021



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Anonymous  | 13.11.2021

Super practical and environmentally friendly

Perfect for covering in a container, but also for cut fruit. No more foil necessary

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Anonymous  | 08.11.2021

Sustainable, perfect for wrapping breads, use

Sustainable, perfect for wrapping breads, I use every day !

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Anonymous  | 30.10.2021

No organic wax? Good for rather dry dishes or around bowls, as a cover

Design I do not care, convenient for covering small bowls and solid cheese or drying food. Cleaning is always a little "oll" , feel sticky. By the way : no informational note on the package where the wax comes from, had to look on the online site: China... so not organic ? Corrected with gladly ! Organic wax would be preferable to me here at the food! How to clean the cloths, I had to google me, not further described on the packaging or illustrated. Potential for improvement

Our feedback: Hey Geraldine, vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Wenn unsere Produkte Bio sind, werden diese auch so deklariert. Wir werden intern, sowie mit unsere Lieferanten besprechen, ob es möglich wäre hier in Zukunft auf Bio Wachs umzustellen. Liebe Grüße, dein KoRo Team :) 
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Anonymous  | 25.07.2021

I can not imagine my kitchen without beeswax wipes

At first it was unusual to wrap everything in beeswax cloth, I was worried about hygiene and also because of the size, but now I have a whole collection and am totally thrilled. To wrap snacks, bread, cheese and sausage. To cover bowls etc. I can only recommend everyone to switch....

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Anonymous  | 14.07.2021

Environmentally friendly packaging

Super alternative to aluminum foil or plastic bag

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Anonymous  | 06.06.2021

Make a good impression

Make a good impression

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