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Kokoschips ohne Zuckerzusatz | 1 kg
Kokoschips ohne Zuckerzusatz | 1 kg
Kokoschips ohne Zuckerzusatz | 1 kg
Kokoschips ohne Zuckerzusatz | 1 kg
Kokoschips ohne Zuckerzusatz | 1 kg
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Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg


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  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Slowly dried
  • Crunchy
  • Natural coconut flavour
  • No added sugars

Variety: Coconut chips

Organic grated coconut  1 kg

Grated coconut

Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg

Coconut chips

Quality: Pure

Organic roasted coconut chips  1 kg


per kg
Organic roasted coconut chips with cocoa | 1 kg


per kg
Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg


per kg
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BBD: 12.04.2022

Everything at a glance Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg

Lying under palm trees on the beach with a coconut – that's it, right? From now on, vacation can come whenever you feel like it! We have the right solution ready for you which will bring some Caribbean flair straight to your home. Say hi to our coconut chips! They taste wonderfully tropical, bringing that holiday to you – and without any added sugar. We too treat ourselves to a bit of vacation every day with our delicious coconut chips. Hurry up and buy these crunchy coconut chips in the one-kilo value pack!

How to use our coconut chips

A coconut-flavoured dream:the pleasantly fruity sweetness of our coconut chips take you on a trip to the tropics! Gently dried, the coconut chips develop their full taste and become incredibly crunchy – and without being roasted. This unsweetened alternative doesn't need any added sugar to convince you, and is super versatile. Get creative! With our coconut chips you can bring an exotic, fresh note to each of your dishes. How about a tropical tarte flambée, for example? Without any meat, but with crunchy, crispy coconut chips and a sweet and tangy mango-curry spread. Or pure, as a topping for your lentil curry. And for all those with a sweet tooth: spice up your chocolate and cinnamon waffle, mousse au chocolat, or tiramisu with our coconut chips – heavenly! 

Coconut fans since day one

The diversity of coconut makes our head spin! The special thing about it is that every single component can be used. Some island peoples appreciate the power of the coconut and rely almost exclusively on it, – amazing, right? And did you already know that, from a botanical point of view, the coconut is not a nut at all and actually belongs to the stone fruits, like the almond? But regardless of whether it is fruit or nuts, we just love everything about the world of the coconut. From our passion, we created a colourful variety of coconut products. Try our refreshing coconut water or refined your desserts with our grated coconut. Last but not least, we have something for all the bowl collectors: our unique, beautiful coconut bowls. Your morning smoothie bowl will taste even better in it. We bring the tropical wonder in all its forms to your home; all you have to do, is find your personal favourite!

Forget about making your own chips

Drying coconut strips yourself? Thanks to us you don't have to do it anymore! Get your ready-made, unadulterated coconut chips – pure exotic pleasure. No sugar and no additional fat, our coconut chips are gently dried in the Philippines. But we wouldn't be KoRo if we didn't go one step further. That's why we have also refined your favourites with fine cocoa! With so many different possible uses, you won't get very far with the 50-grams packs from the supermarket: that's why we bring one kilo of pure coconut fun into your kitchen, which will delight not only your palate but your wallet too. What are you waiting for? Order your value pack now and bring that holiday feeling home!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy (in kj/kcal) 2735 / 664
Fat 63 g
   of which Saturates 60 g
Carbohydrate 8,5 g
   of which Sugars 6,1 g
Fibre 17 g
Protein 7,8 g
Salt 0,11 g

Order number KOK_001
Origin Philippines
Content 1 kg
Brand KoRo
EAN 4260335831496
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Storage Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100% coconut chips
Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the unwanted transfer of contamination from a product to another. This can occur when residues of other food are present in the production plant, for example. This notice is mainly directed at allergy sufferers. According to consumer associations, foods that are unintentionally cross-contaminated with animal products are still considered vegan. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, TREE NUTS, ALMONDS, PEANUTS, MILK (LACTOSE),SESAME and SULPHITES
Sales name Coconut chips without additives
Press & retailer White background image

Varieties and origins

Coconuts grow in around 90 countries around the equator; Indonesia and the Philippines are the world's main producers, but coconut trees are also cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. In 2018, around 61.9 million coconuts were harvested worldwide. Coconut palms like temperatures of around 27 ° C and a lot of humidity: they grow best with 120 hours of sunshine a year. Did you know that a single full-grown palm provides around 50-80 coconuts a year?

The KoRo price chart Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg

Kalkulation: Sortimentsübergreifende Preisanpassung basierend auf neuer Preiskalkulation
0,95€/ 100g

0,85€ / 100g
Corona-Krise: Wechsel auf Alternativlieferanten, dadurch erhöhte Einstandspreise.
0,85€/ 100g

0,95€ / 100g
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0,80€/ 100g

0,85€ / 100g
Wettbewerb: Sortimentübergreifende Preisanpassung zur Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit
0,95€/ 100g

0,80€ / 100g
Markt: Monatliche Marktanpassung August
1,10€/ 100g

0,95€ / 100g
Umwelt-Projekt: Preisanpassung für Investitionen in unser CO2-Projekt und Produktentwicklung
0,99€/ 100g

1,10€ / 100g
Portfolioerweiterung: Interne Preiserhöhung um den Einkaufsmehrwert für Dich durch eine Portfolioerweiterung bei uns zu vergrößern
0,89€/ 100g

0,99€ / 100g
Preis: Preiskorrektur
0,79€/ 100g

0,89€ / 100g
Neu im Sortiment
0,79€ / 100g
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    In this chart, you can see the price per base unit (mainly 100g). In addition, you will learn the reason for a price reduction or increase by clicking on the information circles.
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    Why is the price fluctuating?

    Most annual product crops have an impact on the relationship between supply and demand in the market. In the event of a bad harvest, we must also pay a higher price for raw materials. Due to the strong impact of external factors such as wind, weather, climate and natural events on the harvest, we are refusing long-term cross-harvest contracts with our producers.
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    Why are we communicating price changes at KoRo?

    Open communication is very important to us and therefore part of our vision. For this reason, we would like to keep you informed of the evolution of our prices. Thus, the KoRo price chart provides a transparent overview of the evolution of the products prices over time.

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Questions about questions Additive-free coconut chips 1 kg

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How do you make Coconut Chips?

Firstly the Coconut needs to be cracked open. To do so, you might want to wrap a towel around it. Afterwards carefully cut the Coconut in pieces and then scoop the flesh out. Put the little pieces on the backing tray and let them dry in the oven for about 10 min on 180°C.

What kind of vitamins can be found in Coconut?

Coconut is very rich in all sorts of vitamins. For example it contains vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6 and vitamin E.

How many calories do Coconuts have?

Since Coconut is a very fatty fruit, it contains quite a lot of calories with 354 calories for 100grams.

How long can I store a Coconut for?

An unopened Coconut is durable for a few weeks, if you store it in the fridge. If you open it though you should consume it within the next 4 days.

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